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Executives and Entrepreneurs

Sharing Lessons Learned with the Next Generation

The EII Forum

2 Days

3 Speakers

Life Lessons

The Executive and Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum is sponsored by Cru and is an informal association with executives and entrepreneurs who value investing in tomorrow’s leaders. The forum is built around three highly successful professionals who share principles, lessons and wisdom drawn from their marketplace experience, as well as their faith journey, with a variety of audiences over the course of the event.

The Conference


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"The quality and sincerity of the speakers was what I liked best. Great advice!  Awesome venue and food, as well."

- Mitch, Student Senator | University of Minnesota - Duluth

"Loved hearing the speakers. Classes are great but this is real learning!"

- Evan | University of Kentucky

"I enjoyed hearing success stories and how it takes failures sometimes to get there."

- Tiffany | Northern Michigan University

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Upcoming Forums

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